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Part No: 3062

Tomahawk Snow Pusher



The Tomahawk Snow Pusher can help clear a driveway or parking lot faster than a snowplow or snow blower. The adjustable wear shoes and reversible rubber edge are both replaceable so you can continue to use without much maintenance.

**This product's price includes a $500 oversize freight surcharge. The $500 surcharge is applied once to orders with one or more oversized pieces, not per piece. The oversized freight surcharge will be refunded to customer for those choosing customer pickup.

Please Note:
  • Product's price includes $500 oversized freight surcharge
  • See product overview for additional details
740 lbs.
  • Bolt on ½” AR wear shoes that are replaceable
  • The rolled back helps create a rolling effect for the snow so it is easier to push
  • The rubber edge helps to not damage the surface unlike steel edges
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  • 96" snow/mulch bucket price includes a $500 oversized freight surcharge
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